About Criterion

Company Overview

  • Experienced Owners – 150+ Years Combined Experience
  • Diverse Security Backgrounds – Federal Bureau of Investigation, Outsourced Security, International Peacekeeping, Background Investigations, State & Local Law Enforcement
  • National Geographical Coverage – Corporate Headquarters in Tennessee, Regional Offices in Florida, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Texas
  • U.S.-Owned and Operated
  • One-Stop Source for All Security Services—Contract Security, Consulting, Background Screening, and Technology Solutions
  • Cost-Effective Blend of Security Staffing & Technology

Company Objectives

  • Securing Criterion’s position as a leader in the security industry through superior customer service and cost savings
  • Maintaining professional integrity and the highest ethical standards
  • Developing a network of highly skilled and trained managers and line staff who are immediately available to our clients when the need arises
  • Ensuring our staff has, through targeted recruitment and thorough training, the expertise, knowledge and skills they require to exceed our client’s demands and expectations