Colleges and Universities Security

The goal of security on the campuses of colleges and universities is to ensure the safety of students, faculty, and visitors, and to protect against theft and vandalism.

Risk Assessments

Criterion conducts a comprehensive security risk assessment prior to initiating formal security staff services. This assessment is multi-focused with an emphasis on crime data, facility and staff security concerns, layout of the facilities, and historic security concerns.

Colleges/University Security Services

  • Campus Security and Emergency Planning
  • Campus Activities Security
  • Residential Life Security
  • Post-Crisis Campus Preparedness and Response
  • Regulation and Control of Parking
  • Student Housing Security
  • Bike and Segway Patrol
  • Faculty and Staff Escort
  • Cyber Security Awareness Training
  • K-9 Bomb and Drug Detection
  • Campus Terrorism Training and Prevention
  • Media and Campus Security Training
  • Campus Patrol
  • Campus Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Event Security and Crowd Control

College/University Security Staffing

  • Campus Security Officer (CSO) Roles and Responsibilities
  • Campus Administration/CSO Relationships
  • Effective Communication with Faculty, Staff and Students
  • Campus Law, Policies and Procedures
  • Preventing Entry of Unauthorized Persons
  • Report Writing for CSOs
  • Role in Supervising College Activities
  • Drug and Bomb Detection
  • Role in Special Security Issues, e.g., Active Shooter, Campus Violence, etc.
  • Liaison with Local Enforcement Officials
  • Role in Campus Safety and Emergency Planning
  • Knowledge of the Clery Act and FERPA
  • Understanding Substance and Alcohol Abuse