Healthcare – Combative Patients

Emergency Department/Behavioral Health Unit Security

Specialty Trained Security Staff

Criterion Healthcare Security understands the unique needs of our nation’s emergency departments (EDs) and behavioral health units (BHUs). Since its inception, Criterion Healthcare Security has been a national leader in hospital violence management. Up until 2013, the emphasis was primarily on the control of combative behaviors in hospital emergency rooms and behavioral health units. However, violence in most healthcare facilities is not limited to just one or two departments; it now manifests itself throughout every area within a hospital. In response, Criterion Healthcare Security has developed and introduced a hospital violence management approach called HealthProtec™ that incorporates six (6) primary components:

  1. 1. In-depth violence risk assessment within each hospital.
  2. 2. Screening and Staff Selection employing those factors correlated with identifying security staff that is best-suited for a hospital assignment where violence is most likely to occur;
  3. 3. Aggressive behavior violence de-escalation training required for all Criterion security personnel. Criterion security staff are certified within 90 days on the job;
  4. 4. A Use of Force Continuum involving six principal steps assuring that only the minimum level of force is employed to control aggressive and combative actions and behaviors;
  5. 5. An Incident Management and Reporting System, HealthObserve™, based on the ISS 24/7™ that provides both client and Criterion officials with real-time information concerning violent incidents.
  6. 6. Ongoing evaluation of each HealthProtec™ initiative to determine program effectiveness in controlling hospital violence.

We are able to provide security personnel trained in emergency department and behavioral health unit safety and security techniques with emphasis on:

  • Access control of potentially combative visitors;
  • Management of ED and BHU lobbies and support areas;
  • Response to medical staff requests for aggressive patient control; and
  • Restraint of combative patients in compliance with The Joint Commission, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and DNV Regulation.

As important, to protect our healthcare and hospital clients, Criterion Healthcare Security carries one of the highest general liability insurance policies in the security outsourcing industry.

Management of Combative Patient Behavior

  • 24/7 visible presence
  • Violence risk assessments at each hospital
  • Use of certified combative patient de-escalation techniques
  • Deployment of HealthObserve™
  • Criterion’s incident management and reporting system
  • Ongoing evaluation of each event involving aggressive or violent persons
  • Ongoing security officer training and drills—both announced and unannounced