Experiential Marketing (Tour Event) Security

Criterion Security understands the value of each display no matter the location or event and, as such, provides EM companies with the security required to protect their valuable assets. Our EM security approach involves:

  • Selection and Training of EM Dedicated Security Personnel: Criterion Security selects and trains only those security personnel that are appropriate for an EM assignment. Selection criteria include fan friendliness, ability to protect expensive exhibits and displays for extended time frames, and history of dependability and trust.
  • Professionalism of Criterion Security Officers: Criterion Security staff is commissioned to be on-site prior to shift in consideration of the time required to access and park at crowded venues and then walk to the exhibit site. Once on-site, our officers introduce themselves to the EM tour personnel and are briefed on any extraordinary situations that may occur during their impending shifts.
  • Understanding of Each Vendor’s Brand Protection Requirements: Criterion Security personnel are introduced, prior to on-site appearance, to vendor-specific requirements including the nuances of the brand. Further, officers are selected again for their “fan friendliness” and ability to respond to unanticipated events. Security personnel are well-oriented to each Experiential Marketing tour’s security needs via the use of detailed and comprehensive post orders.
  • Maintenance of Required Communications: Communication is critical to providing an effective security effort. Criterion Security personnel maintain the telephone numbers for the vendor’s contact, immediate supervisor and our central communications center in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Continuation on Post from Beginning to End of Shift: Unlike more traditional security assignments, EM posts are often scheduled for overnight hours only and often extend beyond into morning hours. Criterion security personnel do not leave their posts until the EM tour personnel arrive and they are officially dismissed by the EM tour manager.
  • Industry-Leading Insurance Coverage: Not only does Criterion provide a robust infrastructure of operational and communicative support to the EM, it backs up its service by insuring the Experiential Marketer for individual occurrences up to $1 million dollars and $2 million dollars in the aggregate for any incident.

Experiential Marketing companies have a myriad of things to worry about when it comes to their brand tours: the brand client; the creative marketing process; displays; marketing tour teams and promotional models; transport vehicles and personnel and lodging logistics. One thing they shouldn’t have to worry about is the security of their valuable assets and personnel. And with Criterion Security they don’t.