Healthcare Security

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities, such as psychiatric hospitals, acute care facilities, clinics and assisted living centers, are by nature open environments.  They are also complex operations posing challenging security situations.  The primary challenge is maintaining the desired levels of accessibility, service and patient care and satisfaction while providing a security program that provides the necessary levels of security control and protection.  To address these unique security demands, Criterion developed a separate corporate identity, Criterion Healthcare Security, Inc.

Healthcare Security Staffing
Criterion Healthcare provides security staffing in three areas:  general hospital security; Emergency Department (ED) security; and Behavioral Health Unit (BHU) security.

Criterion Hospital Security Staffing Approach

  • Security policies tailored to the hospital’s specific protection needs
  • Assignment of staff based on vulnerability and security requirements
  • Security operations unique to each hospital’s individual security requirements
  • Staff training directed at understanding the sensitive needs of patients, visitors and staff
  • Staff that are IAHSS certified
  • All Staff are FEMA, HIPAA and NIMS trained
  • Post orders for all shifts, posts and assignments
  • Criterion staff familiarization with hospital regulations and directives
  • Ongoing monitoring by on-site Criterion management personnel
  • Staff IDs that are easily recognized and specific to each hospital discipline
  • Ongoing and regular evaluation of security effectiveness and client satisfaction