Criterion Healthcare Security has developed and implemented HealthSecure™, a four phase hospital security platform. There are multiple key benefits to HealthSecure™. The platform:

  • Is replicable from hospital to hospital within a healthcare system;
  • Provides the highest level of security via our acclaimed HealthProtec™ program, which emphasizes Emergency Department and Behavioral Health Unit safety and security;
  • Helps healthcare systems achieve competitive advantages in the market place;
  • Incorporates up to 39 individual healthcare security best practices, e.g., ED security, hospital patrol, workplace violence management, infant care protection, etc.
  • Fosters compliance with all Joint Commission and NIAHO standards, and federal (HIPAA, FEMA and OSHA), state, and local codes;
  • Integrates security technology systems with security staffing operations, and supervision (HealthObserve™).
  • Safeguards a hospital’s reputation and image within the community and healthcare industry; and
  • Saves a hospital the expenses that are associated with workers’ compensation claims, theft, and liability insurance payments.

HealthSecure™–A Four Phase Healthcare Security Platform

Phase 1: Security Risk Assessment Follow-Up Goal: Utilize Security Risk Assessment Findings to Create a Corrective Measures Plan
Phase 2: Hospital Security Transition Plan Goal: Implement Transition Process and Assignment of Healthcare Security Personnel
Phase 3: Security Management Plan Goal: Facilitate Effective and Safe Healthcare Security Approach
Phase 4: Healthcare Security Evaluation Plan Goal: Measure Effectiveness and Quality of Criterion Healthcare Security Management and Operations