Industrial and Manufacturing

Industrial and manufacturing companies employ Criterion Security to prevent and control a myriad of security threats and concerns. In no particular order of priority, these include:

  • Theft and pilferage
  • Terrorist attacks
  • Activist disruption
  • Sabotage and vandalism
  • Contamination
  • Unauthorized Access

Risk Assessment

Criterion conducts a comprehensive security risk assessment prior to initiating formal security staff services. This assessment is multi-focused with an emphasis on crime data, facility and staff security concerns, layout of the facilities, and historic security concerns.

Industrial and Manufacturing Security Services

  • Company security policies, plans and procedures
  • Security staff training programs
  • Access control management
  • Industrial and manufacturing security and vulnerability assessments
  • Emergency Response Plans, including workplace violence, bomb threats, terrorism, sabotage and decontamination
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Labor Dispute Coverage
  • Inventory Control

Industrial & Manufacturing Security Staffing

  • Industrial Security Officer (ISO) Roles & Responsibilities
  • Company Management/ISO Relationships
  • Liaison with Local Law Enforcement Officials
  • Skills for Effective Communications with Employees & Visitors
  • Preventing On-Site Entry of Unauthorized Persons
  • Report Writing for ISOs
  • Drug and Bomb Detection
  • Industrial Site Safety and Emergency Planning & Implementation