Large Venue and Motorsports Security

Criterion Security understands that venue security—particularly for large motorsport events–poses several unique challenges. When Criterion Security provides our services to large venues we concentrate on the following seven areas: logistics; fan experience; brand protection; access control and physical security; and communications.

  • Logistics: It is one thing to be able to secure a building or residential community but quite another to provide comprehensive security and support for a 500 acre racing venue. Criterion’s logistics security teams work closely with venue officials in developing a comprehensive operational and logistics plan that identifies every concern to ensure a safe and secure event week.

    Our Tennessee Team has extensive experience in motorsport security having managed security for the Nashville Super Speedway from 2009 through 2011 and for events held at the Circuit of the Americas and South by Southwest in 2014 and 2015

  • Fan Experience: The ultimate goal of venue security is to enhance the fan experience that spectators want in a comfortable, relaxed environment free of obtrusive security and obnoxious fans. Done correctly, security should add to the fans’ venue experience.
  • Brand Protection: Criterion understands that a major focus of venue security is the protection of the client’s brand. A poor spectator experience can quickly result in the public blaming the venue and not the actual source of the problem. Criterion Security strives to mitigate the issues before they become full-fledged incidents.
  • Access Control and Physical Security: Criterion’s approach to access control involves planning and managing security for an event’s outer, middle, and interior perimeters. Central to effective and efficient access control is our ability to define the level and type of security required at each ring and zone in the perimeter security approach.
  • Communications: An integrated communications approach involving all agencies and contractors is a must. Using ISS 24/7, Criterion is able to link cell phones into a common communication matrix. This capability enables Criterion to develop an integrated communications command center, the key element in bringing together key leaders and staff from all agencies and jurisdictions involved in supporting security at an event.
  • Training: Staff training is an essential component to effective venue security. Criterion’s training concentrates both on requisite security procedures and on “fan friendly” interactions with race and concert attendees. As stated before, the number one goal of venue brands is provide exceptional event experiences that fans will “like” on Facebook, tweet about on Twitter, and praise to their friends and family–the best and least expensive forms of marketing.
  • Associates: While Criterion is licensed in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Virginia, Louisiana, Nevada, Utah, and Tennessee, with licenses pending in Wisconsin and Illinois, the demands of large venue and motorsports security require us to offer our security services on a national level. To meet the needs of our nation-wide clients and provide the convenience and confidence of a “one-stop shop” we have identified security providers across the US that meet or exceed stringent criteria we set for our own Criterion Security officers. In addition, we require these firms to carry a minimum liability insurance coverage to protect our valued clients.