Retail and Distribution

Retail and Distribution Centers

The greatest threat to retail and distribution centers is loss—whether due to theft, attack or disaster such as fire or severe weather. Specific security concerns for a company’s distribution or retail center include:

  • Equipment and inventory loss
  • Vehicle and parking lot theft and vandalism
  • Property and building unauthorized access
  • Fires, severe storms and other natural disasters
  • Unauthorized weapons, incendiary devices and explosives
  • Unauthorized vehicle access
  • Ineffective or inoperable electronic security equipment
  • Failed security technology, e.g., alarm system, cameras
  • Lack of commitment by non-security staff to an effective loss prevention program

Risk Assessment

Criterion conducts a comprehensive security risk assessment prior to initiating formal security staff services. This assessment is multi-focused with emphasis on crime data, facility and staff security concerns, layout of the facilities, and historic security concerns.

Distribution and Retail Center Security Services

  • 24/7 visible presence
  • Building patrol and surveillance
  • Parking patrol and enforcement
  • Access control/challenging all unidentified persons
  • Incident reporting and investigations
  • Security training and drills—both announced and unannounced
  • Periodic inspection of electronic and physical security measures
  • Distribution center management requests
  • Emergency services
  • Inventory management
  • Vehicle identification and auditing