Security Consulting

Security Operations Review

A security operational review looks at:

  • Facilities and physical barriers;
  • Policies & procedures;
  • Security technology (surveillance equipment, panic alarms, electronic fencing, etc.);and
  • Security staff deployment, e.g., coverage, post orders, numbers, etc.

Management and Staff Training

Criterion trains management and line personnel in security procedures and practices including:

  • Security awareness—public relations, mental alertness;
  • Routine security functions—patrolling, report writing;
  • Special security functions—alarm and access technology;
  • Emergency preparedness—fire drills, tornado/hurricane drills;
  • Regulatory standards—IAHSS, OSHA, FEMA, TJC, DNV
  • Aggressive Behavior De-escalation—CPI and Mitigation Dynamics S.T.A.R.R.
  • Communications—ISS 24/7
  • Emergency situations—workplace violence, active shooter, bomb threats
  • Legal aspects of security—harassment and discrimination, use of force

Robert Buchanan“My goal with Criterion Security is to continue to improve on the delivery of service to our customers through the use of innovative measures and best practices. This focus will enable CSG to improve the consistency of our services in a cost efficient and effective manner to our current and future clients.”


Tony Anuszewski, COO