Why Select Criterion as Your Security Provider?

Our clients typically look at two factors when choosing a security provider: experience (which takes into account reputation and dependability) and cost effectiveness.


Criterion is a relative newcomer to the security business, yet our principals and key managers have over 150 years’ combined security experience. Their diverse security backgrounds range from the ownership of a private prison company and a background investigation company to the management of public sector maximum security prisons to international peacekeeping.

Cost Effectiveness

Criterion’s fees are competitive, particularly given the comprehensive value-added services we offer that complement our basic security staffing services. These value-added services include:

  • Comprehensive, mandatory pre- and in-service staff training
  • Management software developed specifically for the security industry
  • Veterans employment programs
  • Seamless changeover from in-house staff or another security firm
  • Client satisfaction surveys
  • “Best practices” security programming

Our Approach—Commitment to Quality and Integrity

Criterion has established 10 “best practices” that we use to guide our everyday approach to providing top quality security services to our clients. They are:

  • Highest Staff Retention Levels
  • Excellent Officer Supervision
  • Proactive Approach to Client Concerns and Questions
  • Seamless Transition Program from Prior Security Approach
  • Responsiveness to Clients’ Needs for Flexibility in Staffing Schedules
  • Highest Marks for Contract Performance
  • Accurate and Comprehensive Billing & Invoicing
  • Designated Contract Officer
  • Provision of Quality Workforce through Staff Advancement and Career Ladder
  • Evaluation Component—Client Satisfaction & Effectiveness